Where to change auto_expand_replicas for enrich indices?


I need to change the auto_expand_replicas for the indices created by enrich policies, the .enrich-* indices, but I could not find any system template with this mapping, so it seems to be hard-coded elsewhere.

Currently the settings uses 0-all, I want to change it to 0-6, or any other number, because if some of our nodes have hit the high watermark setting the replica for the enrich indice will note be allocated and the cluster will be in the yellow state, which will trigger some alerts, but for us this is a false positive.

i tried to create the following index template with a priority of 500, but it didn't work.

PUT _index_template/enrich-template
  "priority": 500,
  "template": {
    "settings": {
      "index": {
        "auto_expand_replicas": "0-6",
        "number_of_replicas": "6"
  "index_patterns": [

Tried using "auto_expand_replicas": "false" in the template as well, but it also didn't work.

So, where and how can I change this setting?

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