Whether elastic is no longer opensource?

Sir..Recently i heard from one of the colleagues that the ELK stack is no longer the open source. Is this true? As of now we were using the 8.12 basic version package. whether basic license features will be continued or not? Kindly answer this query

It depends what exactly you mean by "open source". By some definitions Elasticsearch has never been fully open-source, and by other definitions it has always been and continues to be so. It is a contentious and politically-charged phrase and it's so confusing these days that it's generally simplest just to avoid these words entirely. Elasticsearch is fully free and open and has been so for years. There's no plans to change this.

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Sir..Actually we were currently using the basic license version i.e we dont have any subscription. whether the existing features that are available in basic license will stay or not?

There's no plans to change this.

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