Which guide should I follow about watcher?

There are two guides for watcher:



And they seems different from each other...

Those guides are for different versions of Watcher that correspond with different versions of Elasticsearch.

You should always use the guide that matches the version of Elasticsearch you are running.

So, if I use ES5.x, I should just use the first one...?

Yes, except you don't use "5.x" you use a specific version of Elasticsearch 5, and what is true for 5.0 is not necessarily true for 5.5.

You really shouldn't ever use the 5.x version of the documentation because it represents an unreleased version and it may contain information that is not relevant to any version that you will ever use.

At the top of the right-hand-navigation, there is a dropdown to pick the documentation version. You should pick the version that matches your Elasticsearch cluster.

Thanks a lot for your explanation !:smile:

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