Which web interface is used by Kibana, Logstash and Elasticsearch

Hi, I have installed Kibana, logstash and elasticsearch in my linux server.
Does kibana uses any web interface. How it works?
I was searching in the document but didnt get that.
Can anyone help ?

Your question isn't clear. Some possible answers:

  • Kibana exposes its user interface on port 5601.
  • Kibana uses Elasticsearch's REST API.

Thank You Magnus for your response!

Here is some more clarification on my question:

  1. On which application server Kibana run ? Does it run on Tomcat, embd-TOmcat, WAS or it has its own application server which gets installed when we install EKL ?

  2. We are moving to JBOSS in Linux. In that OS, will ELK function properly with JBOSS

  1. Kibana is a Node.JS based application and is run standalone.
  2. According to Elasticsearch deployment on JBoss it's possible to run Elasticsearch under JBoss after repackaging it as a war file. Since Logstash and Kibana aren't Java-based I'm not sure it makes sense to discuss JBoss deployments of them.

Thanks again! My next question -- We have two scenarios:

  1. We have one linux server with only JDK installed and no WAS/Jboss/Tomcat. Will ELK work fine without WAS/Jboss/Tomcat ?

  2. We have another linux server with JDK and Jboss installed. As per you previous comment how can we get the war file for ELK and install it?

Hi Nithesh,

You can run Elasticsearch/Kibana without WAS/Jboss/Tomcat.You don't need a separate web server for running kibana and ES.

  1. Running ES as a standalone Java program is the default. It's running it in an application server that takes some work.
  2. Did you look at the GitHub project mentioned in the discuss.elastic.co page I linked to in my previous response?

Any particular reason you're pursuing the goal of running ES under JBoss?

Thanks Abhijit for confirming

Thanks a lot Magnus.

I am still going through the GitHub link that you have shared earlier.

Does deploying Elastic search as . war file under JBoss helps to enhance ELK ?

Hi Magnus,

My question is there on REST API. Does it mean that REST API is a kind of application server where kibana is running? As per the basics of web-technology to host nay site in intranet or internet one application server has to be there. So we are just trying to figure out what is the application server (may be it is an embedded application server that comes with kibana package ). What is the application server that kibana is using?

As noted previously, Kibana 4.0 is written in Node.JS (i.e. JavaScript) and relies on various Node.JS libraries for serving HTTP traffic. Kibana ships with a Node.JS distribution so there are very few external dependencies when deploying.

Thanks Magnus once again:)

I have one more query.

Could you please confirm whether this Node.JS (including the libraries) works as an application server to host Kibana ?

I suppose it depends on how wide or narrow definition of "application server" you choose. It's just a set of libraries that makes it easy for the Kibana-specific source code to expose an HTTP server. Does that make it an application server? I dunno, perhaps.