While embedding i could not get excel export option for pie chart

I am new to Kibana. I created a dashboard with pie chart. I embedded the dashboard in an html page.
I have to show the chart with table structure. I can get the table structure for particular pie chart from kibana. But there were no option or arrow to see table structure after embedded. Here i am attaching both images,

after embedding there were no arrow button in bottom left corner

is it possible to see the table structure after embed?

Looks like there was a feature to hide the spy panel button for the embedded view, and it is in place as of Kibana 4.2.1

i need to change those hidden property. so where i can edit the code in kibana styles?

You are free to refer to the pull request #5166 to see what code changed that made the current behavior work like this. I would suggest instead, why not file an enhancement request in Kibana that would make an Advanced Option for controlling the behavior?

okay.thank you

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