While making kibana to work with SearchGuard Getting Error

      Hi Everyone

I Have Implemented “search-guard” Elasticsearch


First i have created a “SearchGuard” Index

*Then I have Installed and Configured it in logging.yml and Elasticsearch.yml

*In elasticsearch.yml i have given a user name:admin and password:admin

note:I have given all permissions to admin user in “searchguard” index

*HERE is my index

curl -XPUT 'http://localhost:9200/searchguard/ac/ac' -d '{

"acl": [


    "Comment": "By default no filters are executed 

and no filters a by-passed. In such a case an exception is thrown and
access will be denied.",

    "filters_bypass": [],

    "filters_execute": []



       "Comment": "For role admin all filters are bypassed (so none will be executed). This means unrestricted access.",

       "roles": [



       "filters_bypass": [],

       "filters_execute": [“actionrequestfilter.kibanaUser”]




*Here is my elasticsearch.yml

searchguard.enabled: true

searchguard.rewrite_get_as_search: true

searchguard.allow_all_from_loopback: true

searchguard.config_index_name: searchguard

searchguard.key_path: /var/lib/elasticsearch/searchguard_node.key

##User settings

searchguard.authentication.settingsdb.user.admin: admin

searchguard.actionrequestfilter.names: ["kibanaUser","admincopy"]

searchguard.actionrequestfilter.kibanaUser.allowed_actions:["indices:admin/get","indices:data/read/", "monitor"]

--->Here iam getting “timeout” Error.

As i am new to this concept.Not getting.Please someone help me out in this??

Thanks And Regards