Why all fields and indices are visible to specific user while performing Document and Field Level security?

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I have applied document level security for a particular user but when I login through that user, Firstly all the Indices names are visible in the Discover Screen. Secondly, all the field names are visible to that user while choosing split charts in visualization.

Is there any way to hide the fields and indices names for a particular user, Is there any configuration available?

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Even I am trying to achieve the same , but at the field level . So I want to restrict user to certain fields , but when I select field name under the granted field list my Discover tab stops displaying the results . However if i choose * there the it works but user can see all the fields . I believe your problem and mine are related so thought to add comment here . Will share my findings also .


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Please reply if anyone has any suggestions

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Yeah No answer or suggestion , this is strange . So for now I am dropping plan with Shield or X-Pack.
@PinkiMondal :- Are you facing the same issue ?

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Yes @vikas_gopal

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