Why can't I run synthetics (beta) more frequently than every 3 minutes?

I'm specifically trying to check if my attempts to implement high availability for several Drupal and Symfony apps are working.

Using Uptime I was able to check as often as I wanted as long as I was willing to accept the storage and resource cost. That let me run the check often enough that I'd find out if users were effected when a part of my HA stack went down.

So, say, one Drupal container went down. I need to know if people will end up hitting errors between the time it goes down, and the time Traefik stops routing traffic to it.

So I was running Uptime every minute. The idea being that if a user hits the bad container, they won't really care that they had errors when the errors go away after a minute or less.

3 minutes, though... If I hit errors for more than a minute when visiting a site or app, I'm gone. Vamoosed.

Which is why I'm asking. Why can't I set the frequency to less than 3 minutes?

Or can I, and I just haven't found the option?

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Hello @jerrac ,

Apologies for bit of uncertainty there. we have restored the option of every 1 minute in 8.8.0.
So for now you will have to wait for that release to go out.

In future we are hoping to allow lower schedules as well at least for non-browser monitors.


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Oh. Good. :slight_smile: Thanks!