Why do i see multiple nodes in the data folder

Hello ,

I have upgraded Elasticsearch last month twice to fix log4j vulnerability . In EMEA i see only one folder and used disk space is 400GB. But in NAFTA i see 3 folders under node and overall it is consuming 750GB where 2 other nodes last modified date shows a long back. Please help to sort it out.

It's not clear what EMEA of NAFTA have to do with this sorry?

Hello @warkolm ,

Sorry for the confusion. Those are 2 different environments i mean. In one environment i see 3 node folders (Where i see more disk utilization) and another one has only 1. Can you please help now.

It looks like you have multiple nodes sharing the same mount space. Or, there was more than one node spun up with the same mount, and Elasticsearch created a new directory under nodes so that it didn't over write existing directories.

Correct @warkolm , As i said i have upgraded thrice . Is there any way that i can find which node is currently being used ?

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