Why does elasticsearch assign shards to cold nodes?

elk: 7.17.3
01-03 nodes I want to use for hot data search and storage and 04-05 nodes as cold and frozen nodes.
I have read the es documentation. By default, the data of the collector will be sent to the data_content node. The 04-05 node is not configured with the data_content role. Why can it still be allocated to fragmented data?

I guess it keeps the cluster and some metadata, but looking at the screenshot, it should contain shard data.

ip          name      node.role  es-node04 cd es-node02 dhilmrstw es-node05 cd es-node03 dhilmrstw es-node01 dhilmrstw

I want to achieve this, all data is stored on hot nodes and only migrated to cold nodes after N days, during which time cold nodes should not save shards.

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