Why does es v8 ship a bundled JDK?

Just curious, are there any customizations done to the JDK that require elasticsearch v8 to require the bundled JDK? What is special about the bundled one? Why can we no longer use our own JDK?


Ah it looks like from Remove no-jdk distributions by mark-vieira · Pull Request #76896 · elastic/elasticsearch · GitHub, the no-jdk distribution was removed but we can still configure a different JDK. So it's not that we have to use the bundled JDK...it's more to do with maintaining fewer distributions?

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Good Question,
I think there are a couple of reasons why.

  1. As you mentioned less distributions to maintain.
  2. We ship a JDK that is tested and compatible; many (most) users want that simplification and assurance.
  3. As you said, you can still use you're own JDK; just make sure it is compatible

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