Why elasticsearch/kibana changes the format of data?

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I have the following values of build Duration (seconds) in Jenkins.
Failed #28 0.75 sec master
Failed #27 0.44 sec master
Failed #26 0.46 sec master
Failed #25 0.55 sec master

Logstash plugin's in jenkins sent this values to elasticsearh

Also in kibana I see these values (not in seconds format):

data.buildNum: 28 data.buildDuration: 461
data.buildNum: 27 data.buildDuration: 392
data.buildNum: 26 data.buildDuration: 398
data.buildNum: 25 data.buildDuration: 513

Anyone know why these values change it?. Or How to format the value in kibana?


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What does a json document look like?

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