Why is the type of system.cpu.total.norm.pct is long?

(JackeyLee007@126.com) #1

I used metricbeat to fetch cpu& process cpu metrics to elasticsearch.

When trying to get the system.cpu.total.norm.pct usage by aggregation, it always get 0.

I typed the query in kibana and found that within the tips that its type is long.
Why long not float?

(Steffen Siering) #2

Which version of metricbeat, kibana, logstash, elasticsearch are you using?

How did you configure the template setup in Elasticsearch?

According to this metricbeat is using scaled_float.

(JackeyLee007@126.com) #3

Hi @steffens,

Thank you very much. It's proved that the error caused by wrong template.
I loaded the template manually and new data. Then came the right result.

Thanks again.


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