Why the Kibana Charts are Slow?

I have an ELK setup on amazon m3.xlarge instance.

With 8 GB RAM.

When sent a small JSON, it is displayed in kibana's Discover page, in 2 seconds. (It just needs a page refresh).

But, when I show the incoming data as a chart, it takes 40-50 seconds.

There is no calculations or operations on the data.

Why there is such huge delay?

How can we reduce the delay?


Can i see what request you're sending exactly? In all honesty this is quite perplexing and i would expect the opposite.

"name": "shrini-10",
"action": "like ",
"count": "10",
"time": "2016-06-22 23:57:02:405",
"@version": "1",
"@timestamp": "2016-06-22T18:27:42.080Z"

This is the json I send via php.

time field is added by the PHP code to record the server time.
timestamp is added by ES.

name:shrini-10 action:like count:10 time:2016-06-22 23:57:02:405 @version:1 @timestamp:June 22nd 2016, 23:57:42.080 _id:AVV5XbKKczHXVvX3Zkwg _type:logs _index:logstash-2016.06.22 _score:

Why does it take 40 seconds time difference?

I'm curious how php comes into play here.

When I talk about sending which request is being sent I'm referring to using the spy panel. Below there is a gif detailing how to get the request JSON I'm referring to in kibana5.