Why there is GUI for the Watcher

(Sitanxin) #1

Even though there is a dashboard for Watcher in Kibana, but why there is no GUI to config Watcher? It will be hard to maintain how much watcher and what are they if we have more than 100+ watcher rules...

(Steve Kearns) #2

This is a good question, and I'm happy to share that we're working on it! We don't have an estimate for availability just yet, but it's under active development.

(Sitanxin) #3

Like the _head plugin in ES4.x, it can use the auto way to generate the select condiction. We hope the same thing can happen in Watcher as well, by clicking the button, it can generate the watcher code directly and show us the result as well.
Like the KAAE plugin in Kibana, it shows how many watchers has been config. We hope in future, in watcher's config page, it can do at least better than this.
And in watcher, the mail body is very hard to insert the data, can it do it via drag and drop way?

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