Watcher GUI

is there any plan to have GUI for watcher ? Even simple tool like Seyren for Graphite ( will be nice



Hi Vasek,

Yes, absolutely. Once we get 1.0 GA out of the door (which focuses on the core foundation of watcher) we'll start working on additional features which include building a UI for both managing and monitoring watches.

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Any updates on this?

Great question - we're definitely planning to build a UI for creating and managing watches. This is something we'll be working on in the near future.

In the mean time, you can use Kibana to list and query the current set of watches, and you can build a Kibana Dashboard to look at how your watches are executing.

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Hi i was wondering are there updates on this? (am i missing something obvious? :)) there are many requests but i am wondering if something is going on (though that P4..)