Will Elasticsearch run on 0.5gb memory?


I am running a low budget website, that is sitting on a windows VM with 2gb of ram.

The current memory footprint of the OS and website in total is around 1.3 gb.

The reason I want to use Elasticsearch is to have faster access to products, that currently live in a sql server. There is under 1000 products, so the document count is low, but I might want to do some aggregations for filtering etc.

Will elasticsearch work well with around 500mb of ram available? Will it even run? Is there a different product which might be a better fit for a low volume/memory document DB?

It should but it may not be the most efficient compared to something else (sqlite, a DB, even a grep in a file) for that size of data.

Elasticsearch run on allocated heap size . You can modify it via editing heap size in jvm options parameter mentioned in elasticsearch file located at bin folder of your elasticsearch installation folder.

ES_JAVA_OPTS="-Xms4000m -Xmx4000m" ./bin/elasticsearch

Mention the space which your system can allocate for it.

I would think that if you're having performance problems with an RDBMS with such a tiny amount of data you're doing something wrong, and my first approach would be to find and fix whatever that "something" is rather than move to a whole new technology stack.

Hi Tim

The SQL schema is not mine. It's created by the eCommerce platform we are using, which does NHibernate magic.

I could of course store my own model in a separate table in SQL, but the SQL Azure instance is not very quick, even for simple queries. That is why I want to bring a fast datastore closer to my application for entities that I am using a lot.

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