Wkt not recognized as geo_shape

If I import a file that contains properly formatted WKT polygons using the Machine Learning file upload utility WKT polygons are uploaded as plain text, even when using the Advanced tab and editing the mapping to explicitly specify 'geo_shape'. Wondering if this is a bug or an issue with the ingest pipeline?


The ML file uploader is still a relatively new feature. It doesn't appear they're accounting for the geo_shape type yet in their file parsing logic. You can still upload geo data, but for now you might want to stick to the usual ingest routes (i.e.- Beats, logstash, http request, etc.).

You're certainly welcome to request this feature to put it on the team's radar. Also keep an eye on these two issues:

There's work in progress by the maps team for easier upload of geo data through the new maps app that might work well for you when it's released.


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Thanks for the reply. This actually came up as I was testing 7.0 beta 1 release maps feature. I normally use the Python library for interfacing with the Elastic stack. Interestingly, because Types are now deprecated in 7.0 the Python Elasticsearch library is not compatible with 7.0, as all the helpers require a Document Type to be specified in the function calls. Another thing to update I guess

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