Workflow view

I'm thinking about a solution maybe in Kibana to have a kind of flowchart, activity diagram or businessProcess flow .

kind of activity diagram that i can create from a special part of data
i have some transactional data & i'm indexing some parameters

Base on the parameters that i have as the index , logically in know what happened , i mean how the process started, what's done after etc, but it's not so nice . it's text base in discover View (Kibana) so i thought maybe i can have something in Visualization view or a pluging etc to show as a flow

Can anybody help on this?


A good starting point is the visualization docs, There's also a list of plugins that, including one called flow diagram that you may be able to model off of or use:

As a quick overview, the plugin system has extension points. A visualization for example, is an extension point. But it may be difficult to modify existing visualizations to support the flow, unless there's an extension point added for it (maybe click interactions). So a lot depends on the direction you want to go with this. Hope that helps, let me know if there's more questions.

Thanks Jon

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