Help on a custom visualization

Hi guys,
here is my use case:

  • index 1: will store business documents (there is a specific ID for each one)
  • index 2: will store process state of business documents release (eg. printed, assigned, submitted)

What I would like to do is a visualization with square showing business process status. Green and red background color will be used to warn about the status of a specific business document (like in the example shown on the attached picture).


What's the best way to implement this kind of visualization? Of course is not a standard one..


Hi Andrea,

Unfortunately it's not possible to build a visualization this complex and domain-specific in Kibana. The next closest thing you could do would be to create a Data Table visualization and use a couple Top Hit metrics aggregations to show you a list of your most recent documents and their associated IDs and statuses (this would require storing your data as logs in a single index). Here's a screenshot of how this visualization would look and how it would be defined. In your case, you'd have something like "status" in place of the "response" column.

Also, were you anticipating using a SQL-style JOIN to query your data and associate status with document? If so, note that this would be prohibitively-expensive in ES. For more info on this type of problem and alternatives, here's a great thread: How to fetch data from multiple index using join like sql.

Hope this helps,

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