Wrong date shown in kibana

Hi! I recently noted that I'm getting a date field wrong in kibana, the day before specifically (today, the 13ths of August, I'm getting 12th of August).

When I check my db I see that the date is correct.

Read somewhere that it might be a timezone problem, so I tried to use a filter to force it to be UTC:

date {
    match => [ "businessday" , "yyyy-mm-dd" ]
    target => "businessday"
    timezone => "UTC"

But no luck. I'm totally lost with this. Any ideas?


Hi there, when you ingest your data does it contain timezones? I know you've done some research already. Have you already come across these threads?


Hi Cj, thanks for your answer.

I checked the links you provided and I found out that the problem was that kibana was taking the browser timezone. I could change it to UTC (as the dates I'm using), but I've been asked to leave it as is because the timestamps for the indexes have to use the local timezone. I just need one of the fields to remain UTC.

Still not sure how to make only that field UTC in Kibana.


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