Kibana show wrong date


When I store a date at Paris timezone like 11/06/2019 11:40:00, kibana add 2h and show 11/06/2019 13:40:00.

It look like kibana understand that I store date at UTC timezone and he bring it to my kibana timezone (Europe/Paris).

It's really annoying. I have this problème for my Perl and PHP scripts who send data from Linux, i don't have this problem for windows. And now, I have the same problem when I import a CSV.

I read this thread and i know the solution. But i agree with the last comments. Kibana SHOULD NOT manipulate our data.

Maybe I'm wrong and I don't understand something. But I want to have an explanation and know if you will change this later


Hi @simple_commentateur

Have you tried changing the Timezone for date formatting setting in Kibana?

Go to Management > Kibana Advanced Settings and then type "tz" in the search box. You can then decide the date formatting.



Yes I try. It change the date of Kibana but I still have a difference of 2h between the date that i inject and the one show by Kibana.

When I change my system date it work, but it will be difficult to warn all my colleagues.

If there's another solution I take it. But I think this is the best one.

Thank you for your reply


Do you ingest the date with the TimeZone information?

So if you want to save 14:00 Paris time you should save it 2019-06-11T14:00:00+02:00


It work, thanks a lot.

In my case it's easier to change the system date but I will need the second solution for sure.

Thanks again

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