Kibana and System time mismatch

(Rodolfo Albuquerque) #1

Hello, I'm just starting to develop a system where I'll will have a few sensors sending data to elasticsearch+kibana. The problem I'm facing right now is since Kibana time is off my data timestamps will always have an offset of 3 hours.

I tried changing the timezone on Management > Advanced settings > dateFormat::tz but I either get the right time for "now" and then the sent data is "now"-3 or I get the right time for the data and "now" is system time+3

So I noticed that right on startup Kibana time is wrong, I'd like to know if there is anything I can do about it.

(Stacey Gammon) #2

The Kibana log timestamps are in UTC. There is an open issue to customize this so it shows the server's timezone -

Changing dateFormat::tz in Advanced Settings will change what time is shown in the Kibana timepicker, on the client. Changing that shouldn't affect the timestamp that shows up in the logs, which is always in UTC.

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