Wrong Date & Time

Hi All,

I have been struggling to get correct date, time and time stamp in Elasticsearch. I thought Logstash might be messing up things but I don't think so.


date=2016-08-15 time=18:13:23

Logstash configuration:

mutate {
	rename => [ "date", "detectiontime" ]
	add_field => { "fraction" => ".000" } # this is just to bring timestamp into standard format of ElasticSearch
	add_field => { "detectiontime" => "%{time}%{fraction}" }
	remove_field => "time"
	remove_field => "fraction"
	add_field => { "detectiontimestamp" => "%{detectiondate}T%{detectiontime}" }


       "detectiondate" => "2016-08-26",
       "detectiontime" => "17:19:32.000",
  "detectiontimestamp" => "2016-08-26T17:19:32.000",

Elasticsearch Template Mapping

"mappings" : {
            "_default_" : {
        "_all" : {"enabled" : false},
        "_source": { "enabled": true },
            "_timestamp": { "enabled": true},
                    "date_detection" : false,
                    "dynamic": true,
        "properties" : {

                                            "detectiondate": {
                                                    "type": "date",
                                                    "format": "strict_date"

                                            "detectiontime": {
                                                    "type": "date",
                                                    "format": "strict_hour_minute_second_fraction"

                                            "detectiontimestamp" : {
                                                    "type": "date",
                                                    "format": "strict_date_hour_minute_second_fraction"


Kibana Display

detectiondate August 25th 2016, 05:30:00.000
detectiontime January 1st 1970, 22:49:32.000
detectiontimestamp August 25th 2016, 22:49:32.000

ElasticSearch JSON

"detectiondate": "2016-08-25",
"detectiontime": "17:19:32.000",
"detectiontimestamp": "2016-08-25T17:19:32.000",

Problem statement:

  1. Why Kibana is showing date in the detectiontime, time in the detectiondate fields?
  2. How Kibana is converting time into some different values?

How do I make Kibana show exact JSON values?

Please help.



Why don't you just use a date filter in LS with a pattern that doesn't have milliseconds? It'd save doing all that mutate work.

Thanks for quick response.
I tried that as well but problem is with Kibana showing wrong values.

By default Kibana adjusts timestamps to the browser's timezone. This can be disabled in the settings somewhere.

Thank you. Got it, I will find out that settings.

How about showing date in the detectiontime and time in the detectiondate fields whereas both of them doesn't have that information?