Wrong timestamp in Alerting new elastic

I am migrating some alerts to te new version of Elastic Stack. I created the rules and the actions to send a message to a Google Webhook when an error log is ingested, but when I formatted the message with the mustache variables I don't get the right timestamp (The message shows the timestamp for time zone GMT+-0, and I am in GMT+1). I tried to change the format, but no solution was reached. Is there any way to configure the time zone to show the right timestamp of my city??

Thank you :slight_smile:

Sorry, we don't have anything to help for this today. We've played with a few ideas mentioned in this issue: [alerts] provide mustache functions for ease-of-use in transforming mustache variables · Issue #84217 · elastic/kibana · GitHub - I'd guess once we implement something to help in this area, we'll notify back in that issue. In case you'd like to track the progress.

I believe some folks have worked around this by using our webhook connector to connect to some webhook they've implemented, to format the data the way they want, invoke their own services, etc.

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Thank you Patrick for the fast anwer.

I will be tracking the issue and waiting for the new updates :slight_smile:

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