X-pack features are not visible

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Currently, I am using 6.3 v Elastic stack which was updated on Jun 14th. I am running this on a single node cluster with filebeat installed on a client machine. After, auto updation my Elastic stack was down and I had an error saying " duplicate key found" but somehow I got rid of it. But, now I see my screen without X-pack features on my Kibana screen where I'm still able to receive Watcher notifications and normal authentication is still working (that pops up when we open with URL). I am not really sure why I'm unable to see the X-pack features on my Kibana UI. Can someone please help me out on this issue?


(Tim Vernum) #2

It looks like you have a version of Kibana that does not include X-Pack.
How did you install it?

(Joshua) #3

I had installed x-pack on entire elastic stack, wherein after the auto-update I found an error saying that "duplicate key found ..." and it was unable to start the Kibana service. downgrading my entire stack would be recommendable to solve this issue?

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Hello Tim,

I was actually mentioning about 6.2.4 version of x-pack. I had removed entire stack and installed 6.3, now its working fine.


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