X-Pack for Kibana 5.1.2

Hi, Elastic team
I would like to download X-Pack (specifically - Reporting) for using with Kibana 5.1.2 but I did not find it in previous releases. Can you help with that?


Just issue the install command and KB will automatically grab the version it needs :slight_smile:

Where can I see this command?


Thanks for response, Mark

We have Elastsearch 5.1.2, Elasticstash 5.12 and Kibana 5.12 installed on the server.
On my machine I have installed Filebeat 5.12 and Winlogbeat 5.1.2

Next step – we would like to install X-Pack peace called Monitoring with idea to send email if anything unusual shown in log file.

Question 1
Where should we install X-Pack/Monitoring – Client machine or Server machine?

Question 2
Is it OK to use link you provided for X-Pack – it relates to version 5.3 but our software is based on version 5.1.2?

If these questions should be moved to Forum please let me know – I’ll do that.

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X-Pack is a series of plugins for the products in the Elastic Stack.
They need to be installed directly into the Elastic products on the machines you are using.

In your case, that means installing into each of your Elasticsearch nodes, and into Kibana (there is currently no X-Pack for Beats)

The process for installing X-Pack is pretty much identical across each minor version, but the 5.1 instructions are here

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Thanks, Tim

Where can I download X-Pack 5.1.2 (or it should be replaced by something)?
I came to:

https://www.elastic.co/downloads => X-Pack => Install => https://www.elastic.co/downloads/x-pack => View past releaseshttps://www.elastic.co/downloads/past-releases => there is no product X-Pack 5.1.2 or similar



bin/elasticsearch-plugin install x-pack
bin/kibana-plugin install x-pack

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