X-Pack Kibana dev environment

I'm hoping to use X-Pack setting up a Kibana dev box, but I'm not sure it'll be able to do what I want.
ideally I'd like the dev box to hold a library of saved searches, vis' and dashboards that the users could use as building blocks for their own dashboards. The "library" would be read only to everyone except the admins. ideally (again) I'd like the users to be able to save their own objects within the dev servers' .kibana index without the risk of overwriting each others work of the contents of the library.

Reading through the docs on x-pack security it mentions in passing that security privileges go down to a document level but the more detailed explanations only talk about privs at an index level, which I don't think would work easily.

I think I could probably implement something like this using git or similar, but then how could the users make use of Kibana's graphical development environment ?

I'm trying to sell ELK technologies within our company so ideally everything the users play with should be as close to out-of-the-box as possible. I don't want the users (or the admins) having to create their own indices for dashboard development if at all possible.

Has anyone setup a kibana development environment in a similar way ? If so, could I use x-pack to set up the security regime ?

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