X-Pack LDAP and not using X-Pack

hi, since there is an API to do LDAP integration to ElasticSearch, can you please help me to understand why i need to purchase x-pack?


Which API are you talking about?

I think i was reading this doc and looks like this is replaced by x-pack, correct?
If I did not install x-pack, is there any plugin to integrate with LDAP or other authentication?

thanks for quick response!

Elasticsearch (on its own) does not have support for any form of authentication.
If you need security features, they are provided as part of X-Pack.

U can use nginx-ldap-authen (search in github) but this module usefull for authention with kibana, not authen with data like indices ...

Or another option, use https://github.com/sscarduzio/elasticsearch-readonlyrest-plugin. It's powerfull :slight_smile:

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