X-pack Monitoring

Hi All,

We have purchased platinum version of x-pack for production it works perfectly fine ,but for test I have the 30 days trial version but in the monitoring view , iam unable to see the stats ,it says only No Monitoring Data Found
No Monitoring data is available for the selected time period. This could be because no data is being sent to the cluster or data was not received during that time.

I have changed the time frame still no changes.

Please any one help me seeing the node and cluster status.


If you have a platinum xpack, I think that elastic support is the best way to get assistance.

Is there any issue to contact your dedicated support team?

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Thank you for the reply,actually we dont have the dedicated support,we have purchased only the x-pack and forum support

Where did you buy that? I might be not aware of what we are selling.

But if I look at the subscription page here is what I can see:

Did you buy gold or platinum or are you using elastic cloud which includes xpack?

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