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Hi All,

We have purchased xpack for our single node cluster ,we were using trial pack fro 30 days and later we purchased the xpack with only forum support ,but when am clicking on monitoring tab I could see only

Even I changed the time frame still the same,I couldnt see the cluster status and health conditions.

Please any help would be more useful

Thanks in advance,

(Pablo) #2

Hey Raj, to have any monitoring data you need to configure ELK to send monitoring data.


For example in my Logstash and Kibana I have
xpack.monitoring.elasticsearch.url: ['elastic:9200']

and in Elasticsearch

and you configure the exporter

(Raj) #3

Hi Pablo,

Thankyou for the reply, why there is change in the settings,same setup for different single node cluster when we update the xpack license from trail to platinum, i could see the monitoring data.


(Pablo) #4

Ah so you might have the configuration there already, sorry I didn't get that. You might want to double check the config just in case.
What I would do next is to check the logs looking for any errors sending monitoring data.

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Thank you Pablo for your reply :slight_smile:

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