Xpack monitoring doesn't work after migration

Hi all,
I saw a lot of a similar questions but no one of them doesn't help me, so.
We have a ES cluster with 14 nodes (each node run in docker in a separate instance) and one Kibana/Logstash node (run in a docker too).
I migrated all of these nodes to a new instances by adding new nodes and excluding old nodes but figured out an issue that after stopping last old node Kibana monitoring page (domain.com:5601/app/monitoring) does not work:

We checked the cluster defaults settings for xpack.monitoring.exporters , and found the reason: Remote exporters indicate a possible misconfiguration: elasticsearch-14`

How to fix this?

Part of ES config in 14th node:

xpack.security.enabled: false
xpack.monitoring.enabled: true
type: http
host: ["es1","es2","es3","es4", "es5", "es6", "es7", "es8"]
auth.username: user
auth.password: pass

.monitoring indices are present in ES, but they probably created by old es14 node, I'm not sure in this.

No ideas?

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