X-pack plugin install optimize bundles

Hello there,
I'm using version 5.4.0 of x-pack.
I forked kibana 5.4 branch and customized the menus to achieve a 'dashboard-only' view and re-built to generate a kibana.bundle.js file. All tested and appears to be working. However, when I install x-pack plugin into Kibana and changes I've made to the kibana.bundle.js seem to get reverted.

What is happening in x-pack install into Kibana at stage?:
Optimizing and caching browser bundles...

Is there any way to avoid by bundle changes getting clobbered on x-pack plugin install, or being able to update the bundle after x-pack has been installed so I can keep my changes?

Which files are you editing? kibana.bundle.js is generated by the optimize process, so any plugin installs and certain kibana.yml changes will clear it out. You'll want to make your changes in the corresponding files in the src folder, and when kibana.bundle.js is regenerated it will include the changes.

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