How to update optimize/bundles when there is a change made in customized plugin json file

Hi All,

I am new to kibana, I like the product so far now I want to develop my own plugin. I took references from elastic website and understood kibana holds stuff in optimize directory as bundles, now
I have developed my own kibana plugin which contains one json file whenever that json file is updated I want kibana to update the optimize/bundles instead of picking up the initial bundle due to which the changes are not being reflected.

I am using kibana version 6.2.1

any help on this will be highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot.!

Hi @Sunny_Sachan,

How did you install your custom plugin into your Kibana instance?

Hi Chris,

many thanks for replying.

I actually used the below mentioned way.

navigated to bin folder of kibana 6.2.1

kibana-plugin install file:///path/

and I am using windows os

thanks again.

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