X-pack security with tribe node?


I have a customer who will be using tribe node and also required to use x-pack security for role based management to separate the index access permission between teams.

Looking at the latest kibana document , it seems that x-pack security is not available in 5.2.2.

Due to the ambiguity of which cluster is being used, certain features are disabled in Kibana:

Managing users and roles with the x-pack plugin

Should I understand above explanation as , x-pack security + tribe node is completely not available or it is possible to use with work around ?

@YuWatanabe x-pack security works with tribe nodes, you just won't be able to manage the users/roles via Kibana and you'll have to do so directly against the clusters.


Thanks for the reply. Glad that it works, however, I dont think IT administrators without scripting skills are not comfortable with curl commands.

Thus , I think it will be really cool if user/roles management is available in UI for tribe node environment as well as non tribe node environment ?

Is there any plan to implement user/roles management via Kibana in later releases in cases which
kibana is deployed with tribe node ?

@YuWatanabe I completely agree, and it's something that we intend to add in the future; however, we don't have any definitive plans to when this will be available.


That is awsome! Looking to here updates from Elastic when this enhancement is put into the roadmap.

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