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Where can I see clearly which parts of x-pack are free and which require a subscription? We have a subscription but are spinning up a new dev effort and are trying to figure out what we can do at least for now with the community version.


https://www.elastic.co/subscriptions should be what you want.

We don't have a community version though, we have the default and OSS distributions.

Yes, yes, I'm using the wrong term. And of course after I asked this question, I found that page. Looks like Shield is free but Watcher is not. I'll open a support case to make sure I fully understand what the details of our subscription is and what we're currently using. I'm new to the team with the subscription but not new to Elastic - my "other" team currently uses the OSS distribution for monitoring only.

Shield doesn't exist anymore, it's Security. There are also aspects of Alerting that are free :slight_smile:

Yes, yes, I groked that too :slight_smile:

My new team is running 6.4.2. Can the same team run nodes under license and run OSS versions that only use the free features? I also don't know enough about the new team's application to know if we even need a license.

My old team uses elastic to monitor a java application and we have a in-house written "watcher" that we use to talk to Service Now... And we're running version 5.6.5 :frowning: mainly because I haven't taken the time to upgrade and we've discussed moving it to the cloud.

You should look at newer versions, especially 7.8 when it arrives very soon. I think you will find there's quite a of free and open improvements and functionality.

That's good to know especially for my new team's use cases. Thanks for the quick and helpful responses.

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