X-Pack truststore file generation

(Sharon Sasporta) #1

When running the following command:

sudo keytool -genkey -alias elasticKeyStore -importcert -storepasswd -new <my new pass> -keystore /etc/elasticsearch/x-pack-truststore.jks -file /etc/elasticsearch/x-pack/kibanacrt/kibanacrt.crt

I am getting the exception:

keytool error: java.lang.Exception: Keystore file does not exist: /etc/elasticsearch/x-pack-truststore.jks

What is my problem here?


(Tim Vernum) #2

Where did this command come from, and what exactly are you trying to achieve?
You are mixing a bunch of commands into keytool that don't really belong together.

-genkey, -importcert and -storepasswd are all "commands" that tell keytool which operation you want it to do. You wouldn't normally mix them into 1 command line.

In your case specifically, because -storepasswd is a command that changes the password for an existing keystore, it requires that the keystore exist.

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