X pack update license

Hi team,

While updating xpack license, i can see bewlo warning message as graph and other components will be disabled.

C:\Program Files\cURL\bin>curl.exe -XPUT -u elastic:changeme "http://bngwidap108
.aonnet.aon.net:9200/_xpack/license" -d @license.json
{"acknowledged":false,"license_status":"valid","acknowledge":{"message":"This li
cense update requires acknowledgement. To acknowledge the license, please read t
he following messages and update the license again, this time with the "acknowl
edge=true" parameter:","watcher":["Watcher will be disabled"],"security":["The
following X-Pack security functionality will be disabled: authentication, author
ization, ip filtering, and auditing. Please restart your node after applying the
license.","Field and document level access control will be disabled.","Custom r
ealms will be ignored."],"monitoring":["Multi-cluster support is disabled for cl
usters with [BASIC] license. If you are\nrunning multiple clusters, users won't
be able to access the clusters with\n[BASIC] licenses from within a single X-Pac
k Kibana instance. You will have to deploy a\nseparate and dedicated X-pack Kiba
na instance for each [BASIC] cluster you wish to monitor.","Automatic index clea
nup is locked to 7 days for clusters with [BASIC] license."],"graph":["Graph wil
l be disabled"]}}
C:\Program Files\cURL\bin>

please let us know how do we update license without being disabling the other components.

The basic license only enables the free features in x-pack. The other features are paid features and will require a subscription.


I do not fully understand your problem. If you only got a basic license, then watcher, security and graph will be disabled - those features are only enabled for subscription customers, who get their own licenses.

The trial license (which has all of those features enabled) is only valid for 30 days though, then parts of those features will be disabled as well.

Hope this helps.


thanks for the information. yes as per the product POC, cant we get a extended trail version which includes all components
where we can see the product properly and future use in our production environment.


feel free to contact sales@elastic.co anytime for those enquiries. Someone will get back to you!


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