Xpack Error in Elastic search. xpack settings not recognized

I am using Elasticsearch 7.1.0,
and im setting up my xpack such as:
xpack.security.enabled: true discovery.type: single-node
in my elasticsearch.yml.
Then, i ran
>elasticsearch-setup-passwords interactive

ERROR: Elasticsearch keystore file is missing [D:\ELK 7.1.0\elasticsearch\elasti

Then i tried creating the same by
>elasticsearch-keystore create

Created elasticsearch keystore in D:\ELK 7.1.0\elasticsearch\elasticsearch-7.1.0

Then im trying the interactive command again for which im getting,
>elasticsearch-setup-passwords interactive

Unexpected response code [500] from calling GET
It doesn't look like the X-Pack security feature is enabled on this Elasticsearc
h node.
Please check if you have enabled X-Pack security in your elasticsearch.yml confi
guration file.

ERROR: X-Pack Security is disabled by configuration.`

My xpack is enabled in my yml file.
What am i missing? Please help me.

From version 7.2 (?) some security features are available with the free basic license. Prior to that a commercial license was required. I would recommend you upgrade.

when i reinstalled 7.1.0 it worked fine.
leaving no spaces or blank lines after xpack settings in my yml file.

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