Xpack security roles

I went through the security training course at Xpack security- elearning

Am using Elastic 5.3.1 and we have xpack package for our nodes.

I created a role with name "Test_Role"

I gave index privelige to indice logstash-* and priveleges read and index

and I assigned this role to "Test" user.

I tried login with Test user but am unable to access dev tools.

Then I added Kibana user role to that Test user ,am able to access dev tools but am able to access Management (Kibana 0 index Patterns ,Saved objects , reporting and advanced settings)

I totally agree why am able to see all these under managemt, since I assigned kibana user to that user.

So my question is How to create a user where he read and get the index but not the managemment view ?

Thanks in advance,Please any one help me.

Are there actually any Index Patterns and Saved Objects in the data?

What do the Elasticsearch logs show?

Also, if you want this user to be able to create reports, see the documentation on https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/x-pack/5.3/secure-reporting.html

The user will need the reporting_user role as well.

Hi Sullivan,

Thank you for the reply

Are there actually any Index Patterns and Saved Objects in the data?

I didnt get it ,sorry any example

You mean index templates ?

if thats the question i have a customised logstash template like geo point for geoip's for creating tile map

My elasticsearch logs

[2017-04-28T22:53:10,447][DEBUG][o.e.a.b.TransportBulkAction] [ca_1] failed to execute pipeline [xpack_monitoring_2] for document [.monitoring-es-2-2017.04.28/shards/3W5zo25zT-GGIGqxBidvHg:xJDkfvVcRVSWW-u2_JQyRg:logstash_cisco-2017.04.15:3:p]
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: pipeline with id [xpack_monitoring_2] does not exist
at org.elasticsearch.ingest.PipelineExecutionService.getPipeline(PipelineExecutionService.java:193) ~[elasticsearch-5.3.1.jar:5.3.1]
at org.elasticsearch.ingest.PipelineExecutionService.access$100(PipelineExecutionService.java:41) ~[elasticsearch-5.3.1.jar:5.3.1]
at org.elasticsearch.ingest.PipelineExecutionService$2.doRun(PipelineExecutionService.java:88) [elasticsearch-5.3.1.jar:5.3.1]
at org.elasticsearch.common.util.concurrent.ThreadContext$ContextPreservingAbstractRunnable.doRun(ThreadContext.java:638) [elasticsearch-5.3.1.jar:5.3.1]
at org.elasticsearch.common.util.concurrent.AbstractRunnable.run(AbstractRunnable.java:37) [elasticsearch-5.3.1.jar:5.3.1]
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(ThreadPoolExecutor.java:1142) [?:1.8.0_111]
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.run(ThreadPoolExecutor.java:617) [?:1.8.0_111]
at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) [?:1.8.0_111]

Hi Tsulivan,

Any idea or suggestion :slight_smile:
Thanks in Advance


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