2 JOBs: Elasticsearch engineer @ Sematext


At Sematext http://sematext.com/ we have 2 interesting openings.

  1. We are looking for an engineer who knows Elasticsearch (or Solr or both)
    and wants to use these technologies to implement search and analytics
    solutions for both Sematext's own products such as SPM
    http://sematext.com/spm/ (monitoring, alerting, machine learning-based
    anomaly detection, etc.) and Logsene http://sematext.com/logsene/ (logging),
    as well as for Sematext's clients http://sematext.com/clients/.

More info at:

  1. Similar to the above, but replace Solr with Lucene + add several months
    of on-site work in the Netherlands followed by remote work-from-anywhere

More info at:


Performance Monitoring * Log Analytics * Search Analytics
Solr & Elasticsearch Support * http://sematext.com/

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