[Job] Search Engineer Lead at Sematext International

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If you've always wanted a full-time job working with Solr, ElasticSearch,
or Lucene, we have a position that is all about that, offers path to team
leadership, and will expose a person to a healthy mixture of engineering
and business. If you are interested, please send your resume to
jobs@sematext.com .


Sematext International is looking for a strong Search Engineer with
interest and ability to interact with clients and with potential to build
and lead local and/or remote development teams. By “client-facing” we
really mean primarily email, phone, Skype.

A person in this role needs to be able to:
* design large scale search systems
* have solid knowledge of either Solr or ElasticSearch or both
* efficiently troubleshoot performance, relevance, and other
search-related issues
* speak and interact with clients

Pluses – beyond pure engineering:
* ability and desire to expand and lead a development/consulting teams
* ability to think both business and engineering
* ability to build products based on observed client needs
* ability to present in public, at meetups, conferences, etc
* ability to contribute to blog.sematext.com
* active participation in online search communities
* attention to detail
* desire to share knowledge and teach
* positive attitude, humor, agility

* New York

* Minimal

Relevant pointers:
* http://sematext.com/about/jobs.html
* http://sematext.com/about/jobs.html#advantages
* http://sematext.com/engineering/index.html

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