[Job] Lucene/Elasticsearch expert at Contentful, Berlin

Dear List

Contentful https://www.contentful.com is a API-first content management
platform for web and mobile applications and the first cloud-based service
to allow content to be distributed across any device, application or
platform, with one single input.

Search and querying are a core part of what we do.
We're looking for an engineer with in depth knowledge of Lucene and
Elasticsearch to lead our effort of enabling new solid features and
excellent level of services for our customers.
We do have interesting challenges regarding indexing a wide variety of
differently structured content.
If you want to be part of a strong team that is building a platform around
search this might be an opportunity for you.
We're looking for a proven expert who feels at home working with the JVM
and has a modern approach to it.
More details can be found in the official job opening

We are currently evaluating candidates for both contracting or permanent
positions, we'd prefer if you could work with us in our office in the city
center of Berlin.

Please apply through the online application form

For any question you can write me directly at paolo@contentful.com

Thanks for reading

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