3 nodes cluster configuration

Node 1 - Master node ( installed elasticsearch 2.3, Kibana, Marvel application, Marvel agent,shield)
Node 2 - Master with data node ( installed elasticsearch 2.3,Marvel agent,shield)
Node 3 - Master with data node ( installed elasticsearch 2.3, Marvel agent,shield)

Node 1 is Master/client and installed Kibana only on Node 1 but not on Node 2 and Node 3? If Node 1 goes down I won't be able to access Kibana. What are the options if Node 1 (Master/client ) node goes down, Do I need to install Kibana on all 3 nodes or do I need to have two client nodes?

Hi @newelasticuser,

do I understand you correctly that you're concerned about the availability of Kibana? If yes, than this is no different than HA setups for any other web application. You could for example use HAProxy in front of multiple Kibana instances.