503 license not available--security

Okay, I'm confused. Numerous elastic blogs now suggest that security features are available with the basic license, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to check out the features in my home lab. But, when I follow the instructions to enable security, the result is a 503 error, "License not available."

Is it possible to enable security with the basic license? Although my work environment is exploring gold and platinum, that's not really a practical option in my 3 VM home setup.

Yes you can absolutely enable basic authentication and TLS with Basic License / default distribution.

Which guide are you following? Hopefully this one

Can you provide a little more detail how you installed etc?

What Version?

Did you install the default / basic distribution?

Where is that message coming from?

Here is a little abridged version for a single node setup that I wrote.

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Well, I'm a little embarrassed to report that I was using the first guide you referenced, but didn't read it carefully enough and hadn't completed all the steps. However, the reassurance that what I was doing should work told me that I had probably missed something. Thanks!

I am currently using 7.11 and have it "sort of" working with security. But, I found later in the Elastic tutorial (Assign Roles page) that when it instructs how to create the metricbeat_writer role that the "Logstash Internal User" will use, I'm not seeing "manage_index_templates" as a an available privilege. After guessing at which ones to use (without success), I temporarily just gave the Logstash user all privileges, which of course is a terrible security practice, but got it working.

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And, I figured out that that "manage_index_templates is actually a cluster privilege, not an index privilege.

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