[7.0.0] Kibana controls visualization not returning all the possible choices (terminated_early)

Hi there!

I'm facing a problem with Controls visualization in Kibana 7.0.0.

It basically returns only a limited set of the possible choices of a given field.
I generally fix this problem in version > 7.3.0 increasing the values of kibana.autocompleteTimeout and kibana.autocompleteTerminateAfter in the kibana.yml, but these parameters are not recognized by Kibana in versions < 7.3.

Is there any equivalent settings in Kibana 7.0.0 or any other way I can make Controls visualizations returning all the possible choices?

Thank you!

Unfortunately this parameters are only available starting from 7.3.

All previous versions have hardcoded terminateAfter and timeout as:

timeout: '1s'
terminate_after: 100000

Hi and thank you for the reply.

I imagined something like that, but can you tell me where they are hardcoded and whether I can change those values or not?

Thank you!

You can find these values here:

The file name is src/legacy/core_plugins/input_control_vis/public/control/list_control_factory.js you should find those values around row 101.

We doesn't encourage code changes into a released version (only in a development environment). If it's critical to your analysis but Kibana is not in a Production environment with a mission critical use case, you may try to change these parameter and see how things works. Please make a snapshot of your cluster and configurations before attempt any change.

Yeah I realized I could look for it inside the project before asking and then found it where you said.

Thank you anyway for your kindness.

Yeah, I supposed it might create some problems. Don't think it is so critical to justify taking such a risk. Especially since upgrade to 7.4 has been already scheduled.

Thank you so much for your help!

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