Kibana controls visualization

Hi All
I'm sorry, I have been confused again :smile:

is it true if I config in kibana.yml, this warning will be lost ?
this picture taken from visualization controls


if true, what kind of config ?
thanks before

This is referring to the following settings:

Default: "1000" Time in milliseconds to wait for autocomplete suggestions from Elasticsearch. >This value must be a whole number greater than zero.

Default: "100000" Maximum number of documents loaded by each shard to generate autocomplete suggestions. This value must be a whole number greater than zero.

However if you aren't missing any entries in the dropdown in visualization controls for your use case, it's safe to ignore the warning. It doesn't have any other side effects besides potentially missing items in the dropdown. It depends what's more important to you - speed or correctness.

yeah, it's not missing any entries but the warning a little bit distracting, hhehe

thanks for your help :pray:

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