7.12 Kibana log alerting - pass log details to PagerDuty

7.12 Kibana alerting
I am trying to get some details of a log message to propagate to PagerDuty. The Connector is working and events are created in PD. The alert configuration:

I read these two threads and understand that there may be multiple values of a field if the alert is the aggregation of multiple documents.

There is no aggregation in this case. I'd like to pass the values of several fields to PD, such as the device MAC, serialNumber, domainName, zoneName.


I think this is only possible with a preconfigured pager duty connecter. And, also with enabled attach_payload in your elasticsearch.yml

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Is there more detailed documentation on creating a preconfigured PD connector and attaching a payload? I'm not following the docs in the links you provided.

We have an issue open to make more of the data from the searched documents available in actions - [Discuss] Ability to interact with the alert query result - User requests · Issue #89161 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

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