7.16.2 => Error loading map features in Security > Network dashboard


Just noticed I'm getting "Error loading map features" errors in the Security Network Dashboard..

Found another (unaswered) thread about this => SIEM network map states "Error loading map features" at all end points

Also found this => [Security Solution] "Error loading map features" is displaying when clicking on source countries marked on the map. · Issue #90761 · elastic/kibana · GitHub
Difference is I don't get shard failures.


Hey there @willemdh :wave:

So based on that issue it looks like this is going to be picked up for the 7.17 release, so we should have this resolved here soon. Thanks for raising this and appreciate the patience here.


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Hello @willemdh

Thank you for referencing my thread about my similar question earlier. We noticed that on our map the Error loading map features has been fixed for somethings, but not others. Have all of your issues be resolved with the 7.17 update? It seems that the data coming from Elastic Agents is now works for us, while firewall logs that went through Logstash still have the old error.


Hello @teamomni

We are still on 7.16.3. Will update soon and I'll try to let you know.

I also had a problem loading the entire map. We detected that there was a very strict rule in the firewall for outgoing connections. We asked to adjust the rules more flexibly so that the map could reload all the information on the dashboard.

Thank you for your reply,

I don't think either of our firewall's rules are our issue, but I will keep looking in that direction. For the time being we created a dashboard with a custom map that shares all the source/destination geolocation data that didn't show in Security > Network.

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