Is the Elastic Map Service having issues?

I have been having issues with loading tilemaps from the Elastic Map Service all day today. I have already moved some of my customers to an alternate service.

Can any of the Elastic folks confirm the issues and provide an update?


yes, we've noticed issues with the Elastic Map Service.

Tile generation is slow, and may even fail.

We are looking into the issue, please stay tuned. Thanks,

We think we have resolved the issue, but we are still monitoring this for any other possible fallout. Please ping here if you continue to experience any problems with the default map, thanks.

I am still seeing a lot random tiles not loading. It is better than yesterday, but not 100% back to normal.

Thank you for your patience.
At this point we believe all issues have been resolved.
We are continuing to monitor and please ping here if you experience any problems with the default map.

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